Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is there time in Heaven?

Well, it's Christmas time again.  I've once again waited until the last minute to do my shopping.  I really haven't felt the Christmas spirit this year, probably because I've been inside snuggling my little man every day!!  The other morning I woke up to feed Mason around 3a.m. and then couldn't fall back asleep.  I had sooo many things going through my mind.  I was trying to remember who I had to buy gifts for yet, how much laundry I needed to do, how I was going to find time to wrap presents, etc.  Then, of course, I started thinking about angels because Christmas reminds me of angels.  Then, in turn, angels remind me of my sweet little Benjamin and the questions started running through my mind.

It's amazing how one life event can make you start to question your faith and your image of Heaven.  So, as the title of my post states- Is there time in Heaven?  What happens when you go to Heaven?  Do you age in Heaven?  I guess these questions all relate back to Benjamin.  As I watch Mason grow each day, my image of Ben is that he's still a baby.  It's hard to imagine him growing up in Heaven, not knowing what he'd look like.  The book I received from the hospital when Benjamin died was titled "Mommy, Please Don't Cry". The book talks about how much fun they have in Heaven, about how they run and play, and how they have the best cake.  It talks about all these wonderful things that happen in Heaven.  It's a happy, but sad story and brings me to tears every time I read it.

After reading the book, it makes me wonder what Benjamin will be like when we go to Heaven.  Is he growing strong with all the other angels or does he remain a sweet little baby? That then makes me question about older people who go to Heaven.  If your 100 when you die, do you keep aging in Heaven?  How old can one person get.... or is there no time in Heaven, no aging?  The questions just keep going and going! 

I felt like I should blog about this, because I know some of my other loss friends can relate.  Also, other family and friends can probably relate to someone they have lost.  All the questions will go unanswered until it is our time. 

So as Christmas arrives, be sure to think of all your angels.  Be thankful for who you still have with you today and don't take things for granted.  Share special moments with those you love, and be sure to add an angel to your Christmas tree in memory of those we've lost.

OK, I better go before the tears start rolling!  I've got a lot of Christmas shopping yet to do tonight!

and.... to leave on a happy note-- Mason met Santa for the first time!!!