Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alm Wedding

On Saturday May 28th, 2011 my sister got married to Jordan Alm.  Mason and I went down on Thursday to help her get ready for her big day.  Mason had a great time with her and he was quite the entertainer! He was sooo good the whole weekend.

Thursday we just hung out at Malinda's apartment.  My mom and dad also stopped by to see Mason. 

On Friday, we loaded up all the decorations and headed to the country club to set up for the rehersal supper/reception party.  The decorations were very pretty spring colors.  Unfortunately, I wanted to help out as much as possible so I left my camera in my purse the entire weekend so I don't have any photos to share at the moment.  Jodi Lansink took a TON of pictures and I can't wait to see them all.  After we got the country club all decorated, we had lunch at Subway and then I headed to the motel to get checked in.   Mason and I just rested for a few hours before Jason showed up.  Friday night was the rehersal at the church in Battle Creek.  We all headed over there and I got to wear my dress from Florida!  Rehersal went pretty smooth! 

After rehersal we went to the country club for the rehersal supper.  Supper was great! We had steak, potatoes, and beans.  Mason even liked some of it!  He was more interested in the bright green table cloth.  He attempted many times to pull it off the table.  After we had all ate, we finished the decorations for the reception and then we all headed home to get some rest for her big day!

Saturday was the BIG day! I had to attempt to do my own hair and after two tries, I ended up showering and we started over.  I love doing hair, just not my own! Luckily, one of the other bridesmaids was able to help me out and got my hair to look great!  After we got our hair and make up done we headed to the church for pictures and the ceremony.  The ceremony went great! No flaws and everything looked perfect. 

We used the trolley to be transported from one town to the next for the reception.  It was a fun ride and I can't wait to see the pictures.  Once we arrived at the country club, we all hopped on golf carts and went onto the golf course to take some pictures.  They will turn out so neat.  They had perfect weather and perfect colors for pictures! After the last of the pictures, we headed inside to get dinner and the dance going.

During dinner, we said our toasts.  The best man had a funny speech.  I just made up my speech as I went, I'm not so great at speeches.  Malinda's friend from school/bridesmaid gave a speech that made everyone cry! AND THEN, Malinda gave her speech and EVERYONE AND THEIR DOGS CRIED! It was such a great speech.  Unfortunately, they had already picked up our napkins from dinner so tears were rolling down my cheeks and make-up was not looking so hot!

After dinner we started the dance.  It got kind of crazy from there.  That was the first time I'd seen my dad and grandpa Ed groove so much!  They both got pretty low and were quite entertaining.  This was pretty much my first time 'out' since having Mason so I made sure to enjoy myself.  Jason always made sure there was a drink in my hand- I don't know what he was thinking!  I was clear to let him know that he would be taking care of Mason throughout the night :)  Grandma Diane took good care of Mason during the dance.  He snuggled right up to her and kept her nice and cozy.  Mason got passed around quite a bit during the night.  Sometimes I wasn't quite sure who had him, but I knew nobody could harm such a sweet little boy!

After hours of dancing, we helped my sister clean up the country club and then we headed to the motel for some sleep!  Sunday we went to my sisters apartment and watched her open gifts.  They got a lot of neat items, some that I'd never think to give! 

Jason, Mason, and I headed home after that to enjoy the rest of the weekend off.  Luckily, Monday was a holiday and Jason and I were able to relax a little bit before heading back to work on Tuesday. It was so great to be a part of my sister's wedding and I hope she had a great day! They just got back from their honeymoon and it sounds like they had a great time! 

Congratulations to the Alm's!!

Sorry for the lack of photos to post :(

An update on the Hanna's

I've really slacked at this blogging thing!  I can't seem to find enough hours in the day to get anything done, let alone blogging.  So here's a little update (I might have to break this up into a few blogs!)

Mason is almost 7 months already!  Time is flying by.  Everytime I'm holding him I think back to when he fit in just one arm.  It seems like just yesterday we brought him home and now he's already on his way to crawling.  I am still breastfeeding him-- even this surprises me!  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it this far.  I keep thinking there's only a few more months left until I can reach my goal of one year.  Every time I think about quitting, I'm quickly reminded of how much formula costs these days.  Jason's been very supportive with the whole issue, which also makes it easier. So far, Mason hasn't really ever been sick other than a little constipation here and there. I'm not sure if it's linked to the breastfeeding or if we just got lucky. I DREAD the day he gets an ear ache and I'm hoping that teething is smooth sailing.  He doesn't have any teeth yet, but I know they're bound to come sooner or later!

Mason loves Grandma Simpson's banana cream pie!! Grandma better start making double!

Mason also started eating babyfood between 4-5 months.  He wasn't so sure of it at first and he definitely was not a fan of rice cereal and oatmeal. I don't blame him, I wouldn't eat that crap either!  He really loves his fruits and any vegetables that are not green.  Lately, he's been eating some table food from whatever Jason and I have made for supper.  We've found that he really likes spaghetti and flavored spaghetti noodles. He wasn't too sure of baked beans. Of course, just like his mom, he loves chocolate.  We don't give him much, but it's fun to watch his face when he does get some.  He's been learning to self feed himself by eating the Gerber cereal puffs and lil crunchy snacks.  We've also been practicing with the sippy cup.  He knows how it works, but I think our cups might be too big for him to hang onto at this point. 

Some of his favorite things to do include taking baths, going for walks, running around in his walker, eating, and watching the dogs run around outside.  Today, we might venture outside and play in the pool.  Jason set up our little pool yesterday and hopefully the water will warm up enough to let Mason play for awhile.

Oh- and we've got ourselves a little thumb sucker!

We've been very lucky to have quite the well-behaved little boy!