Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new blog, FINALLY

Well, I decided I better update everyone with a blog.  It's been a busy place around here.  Who would've guessed that time doesn't exist once you have a baby.  I'm only finding time to blog tonight because I've been blessed with a lovely sickness, which I'm hoping doesn't ruin my nice weekend off!  Not by choice, do I ever want to be up at 10:30-11p.m. any night!  We're pretty boring people and are usually in bed by 9pm every night.

I believe my last post was about Benjamin and Christmastime.  Here are a few pics from Mason at Christmastime.

This is Grandma with all the grandkids! Can you find Mason?!?

This was on Christmas Eve 2010

He got lots of books and toys for Christmas! Grandma Donna got him a lullaby book and CD. We listen to the CD everynight at bedtime!  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is definitely my favorite lullaby on the CD.

In January, Mason has his 2 month well baby check-up.  He got his first set of vaccines that day.  He did very well and had no complications. I was a little leary about shooting up my little man with all those vaccines at once.  I get a little leary about vaccines ever since we lost Benjamin.  In 2009, I got my flu shot for the very first time in my life and a week later Benjamin passed away.  The two have not been linked together, but as a loss parent the thought is always in my mind. I took some 2 month photos, but unfortunately haven't got them uploaded onto my laptop yet! 

Mason is now almost 3 months and is growing like a weed!  I keep looking back at his newborn pictures and how small he seemed.  I was afraid I was going to break him, not so much anymore!  He's such a little chunker.  When he got weighed a few weeks ago, he was 14.5lbs!  He's wearing a lot of 6 month clothing and 6-9month clothing.  I just boxed up two boxes last night of too small clothes.  How sad!  Here are a few photos of my chunky monkey:

Mason is still being breastfed and I'm quite surprised we've made it this far.  Everyone tells you how difficult it is, but it has turned out to be quite easy once you get past the first month or so.  I am so glad that we've saved a TON of money from not having to buy formula!  Mason eats like his daddy!  He usually won't go more than 3 hours without eating, with the exception of a few 4-6 hour stretches at night. 

It seems like there is never enough time anymore.  We get up, go to work, come home, make supper, and go back to bed.  Anytime we're not making supper, showering, etc., we're playing with Mason.  I'm eventually hoping to go part-time at work so I can be home more with Mason to watch him grow.  This would probably be something that would happen later on down the road.  I hate the fact of having to work and missing everything he does all day!

Well, I should probably try going back to bed.  I really hope I feel better by morning.  I went to bed early hoping I'd get some good sleep- that's not happening!

Many of you probably know that the March of Dimes walk is coming up soon and I am a team captain for the hospital again.  I will share all information I have regarding this.  I enjoy being part of a great organization like this and look forward to taking Mason on the walk with us this year! 

Ok- I MUST go back to bed.  I will try to find more time to blog later! 

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  1. I feel like I'm missing stuff, too! It's tough, but makes the time together that much more precious. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Mason!!