Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making Progress.... I think!

So we're finally making progress this week. We're definitely making some progress in the pregnancy world.  We are finally 30 weeks pregnant and only 10 more weeks to go (or less)!  All this progress in the pregnancy world is making me realize we need to get alot of things done before the little one arrives.

I'm a little bummed that our carpet has not arrived yet, but I'm thinking it should be here by the end of the week.  As long as it gets here, it will either be installed Friday or Monday (Friday, preferrably).  This weekend we did manage to get the baseboard trim done in the spare bedroom.  We also evened out all the window edges and just need to go pick out some window trim to install.  I went and bought a new comforter for our spare bedroom from Target because the other one must have gotten ripped when Jason decided to use it to keep the kegs for the wedding cold (men and their beer!).  Secretly, I'm kind of glad it ripped- any excuse to buy new stuff! We finally got the mini blinds hung up in the room as well.  I'm sure our neighbors were tired of looking at our lovely pink and blue blankets that were hanging in the window for the meantime.

Tonight, Jason and I made a trip to Menards because I had a brilliant idea to repaint the bathroom.  Our original plan was to redo the entire bathroom (install a new tub, lay tile, etc.) but I came to a realization that we don't have much time left before the baby comes.  So for now, we'll just put a fresh coat of paint and install some new hardware and save the extensive labor for after the arrival of the baby.  It's amazing what some paint can do! We also had to get a new toilet seat while we were there. Besides the couch, that's Jason's second best place to sit- and well, the cushioning was pretty much gone! So it was time for a new one!

So slowly, but surely we're getting things done around the Hanna house. Although, if you were to walk in our house tonight, you'd think we just got hit with a tornado.  It's pretty ugly looking.  The kitchen counter was cleared off after work, but has managed to get piled up with 'crap' again!!! I'm hoping by the end of next week we'll have some major progress accomplished.  THEN- it's on the kitchen!! The final room!  Then there will just be some minor decorating that will need done!  Hopefully all in time for the little ones arrival.  It'll be nice coming home from the hospital to a nicely redecorated home!! 

Well, it's about bedtime here.  Getting up at 3:30AM for work is not fun, but someone's got to do it......

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  1. You can do it!! That's what I'm keeping in mind - it will be SO nice to come home to a finished nursery!
    A new coat of paint in the bathroom and a new toilet seat...really, what else do you need? LOL You have the visual and the comfort - you're good!
    Good luck and motivation to us both!!