Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding Photos

Today I received our wedding photos in the mail.  I immediately ripped the package opened and started looking through them.  Jodi did a fantastic job for being her first wedding photo shoot! I just had to share some of these pictures..

Ok.. there's a FEW of them (and I mean a FEW).  Jodi took so many pictures I don't know how we'll ever choose which ones to print off for our photo albums.  It will be fun to look back at these pictures and remember our special day!

Although I was VERY HAPPY to receive these photos in the mail today, I also received another nice package today...............THE BABY BEDDING HAS ARRIVED.  Since there was no one here at the time of delivery, Jason or I will have to run to the post office tomorrow to pick it up!

So all in all, the long miserable day at work turned into a good day once I got home.  I'm looking forward to having the weekend off to rest.  It's been a long week and I'm ready to relax.