Sunday, September 12, 2010

Phew.. Glad that's over with!

Well, we've been getting a lot done here at the Hanna house.  Friday, we got the carpet installed in our bedroom and managed to get things put back in order!  It's so nice to get out of bed in the morning and feel the nice new carpet under your feet. 

We've been doing some major cleaning lately! I've thrown away so much stuff that Jason is afraid the garbage man won't pick it all up.  I finally came to the realization that if it's been in a closet and I didn't know it existed for the past 2-3 years, it probably wasn't worth keeping.  After getting our bedroom back in order, I started to move the baby stuff back into the nursery to prepare for the next few weeks.  Baby Hanna can technically come anytime now!  Today marks the 30 week 5 day spot in this pregnancy!

I'm to the point where there's a lot of little things left to do.  (Well, other than redoing our kitchen).  I need to go pick up some final things for the hospital bag yet.  I still need to find a coming home outfit for our little man!  Poor little guy will be coming home naked in the middle of winter if I don't find something!!

I wasn't as ambitious today as I have been the last few days.  Jason and I went to church this morning.  We originally planned on going to the 8:00 service, BUT that was a fail!  Sleep sounded so much better at 6:30 this morning.  So we slept in a little bit later and went to the 10:30 service instead.  The service began with all the little Sunday schoolers singing some fun songs.  It's so fun to watch them and I look forward to going to our little man's school/church programs! They also recognized the Sunday school teachers and did a few other recognition activites so church ended up being an hour and a half today.  After church we came home and had some lunch and.... well, I fell back asleep for 2 hours while Jason went to help a friend. 

I woke up from my nap and knew I needed to get going on something or I'd regret that I didn't get anything done all day!  So one of my last projects was to clean out this:

(I'm a little embarrassed to even post this)

It's been needing done for quite some time now.   So I got to work and started pulling everything out to see what was hidden deep down in there.  It was amazing what I found.  One of the first things I found were 3 MICE... YES, I SAID 3 MICE:

HA HA, bet you were a little scared what you might see, huh?

Why we need 3 computer mice, who knows, but we have them! I found these along with enough computer cords to reach across the United States coast to coast.  Needless to say, I made Jason find a new home for them (however, I did keep the mice- you never know when you might need one)!

Most of the other stuff I found wasn't as fun. Random text books, light bulbs, batteries, cleaning supplies, and office supplies.  BUT as I was nearing the end of my closet cleaning I found a treasure:

YES, actual treasure!!  (too bad it was Jason's)

So I guess cleaning out the closet really did pay off!

I noticed that there was ACTUALLY a floor in there (along with many shelves)- who would have guessed?!?!  So although the final product isn't perfect, it's much better than what it was:

Although, the closet project was a small one, it's nice knowing that it's done!  NEXT- on to the kitchen!! The last BIG project.  From then on out, it'll just be maintaining all the cleaning (and convincing Jason to throw away his college textbooks from the 1990s)!! 

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  1. are so funny! I seriously thought you found 3 mice! Congrats on all the finished projects. When little man comes I think I could babysit while you two start on my will professionals by then :) LOVE the pregnant picture! You are so cute!